This week’s comic starts off with a bit of a history lesson about two families both alike in dignity. In the new world, we lay our scene. And that’s about as far into Romeo and Juliet I am willing to go. We’ve all seen the play. We know how it ends. Luckily, it doesn’t end that bad for our heroes since they are here and everything. 

Still, we get a bit of Whitefox genealogy. Jack, Sara and Crystal come from a long line of heroic people who sacrificed themselves to do what was morally and ethically right. They fought valiantly to make a better world for their families. I like to think that all three of them were listening intently to the introduction.

I had a fun time reading up on Cherokee history. The clothes the tribesmen are wearing are traditional clothes I found on Google. I didn’t want to overdo their look. I also gave them little white fox emblems. I thought that was clever. Revolutionary War clothes are so intricate. It’s hard to make them into sprites sometimes. Still, it came out very well!

Of course Jack had to deal with a bit of survivor’s guilt. Years ago, he was the only member of Soldier Six to survive an explosion that ended up costing him an arm and a leg. Literally. He was put in the freezer and emerged many years later. 

The flashback explains what happened immediately after he was revived at age nineteen. He mistook his sixteen year old sister for his teammate turned girlfriend, Scarlett. Later, he looked up the two new sisters and went to check out the man who assaulted his little sister. Thankfully, he was there to stop Cody from exacting his revenge on her. There’s no telling what he might have done.

Jack had no idea she was his blood sister at the time and still stepped up to be a hero like his ancestors who came before him. Sure Jack was nineteen when he stopped Cody. But, he had the blood of heroes in his veins and that selfless act proved his worth.

Jack also now knows what’s been going on with Soldier Six. They’ve been haunting Cobra aka Richard Smythe aka the villain who killed them AND  kidnapped Jack’s sisters. That guy really IS a snake and he is surely going to end up in the bad place one of these days. Only then will the spirits of Soldier Six finally know peace.

Next week we’re going to look at Sara who is on the path to redemption for Sola’s crimes. How will her ancestors treat her? Find out next time!

See ya then!

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