First is guess who won the presidential election? No, I didn’t win as a surprise. THAT would shock the heck out of me, but Joe Biden won the election and that makes me happy. It will be a little while before he is made official in becoming President of the United States but it can’t get here fast enough. I have never liked Trump and have never been a fan of his. I have never liked his politics or the way he carried himself in front of the nation. Countries around the world have been as happy as I am that Trump lost. They realize that without Trump things will be easier to deal with and they won’t get his reality show BS that makes him feel so much better. Hopefully, the country will be back to something more normal now that Trump won’t be in power. I am hoping that the inauguration in January will be a wondrous occasion with lots of people feeling good instead of Trump’s crap show that bragged about more people being there than what really did show up.

           Another thing that has happened was one that took me for a loop and left me actually crying and shed some tears and that was the death of Alex Trebek. I have been watching Alex going back to the 80s and back when Jepordy had real TVs to show those questions on. I have been watching Alex with those clues long enough I remember that mustache he used to have. I remember back when he was part of Wrestlemania 7 in 1991. If I remember right he was brought out to ringside announced as the “Co-host” of Jeopardy. Fans back in 1991 remember that little mistake. Hell, I remember that! Beyond the wrestling connections, I watched Alex on other shows like Concentration back in the day. I didn’t even know about the older version of the show until much later in time To me, those shows hosted by Alex Trebek are the classic shows just like Buzzr labels it. That is the kind of show I grew up with.

           As I am writing this, they are airing an episode of Jeopardy with an intro dedicated to Alex. It was said that he tapped 35 episodes before he passed away so whatever they do for his replacement or whatever the show producers end up doing still has some time before we see is on air. So if anyone will fit into the spot that once was held by Alex Trebek, it will be a while before we see them. Buzzr has already put up their tribute and are still airing episodes with him. It is sad when I think about it, but what better what to remember him than by airing the quiz shows he was known for.

           So, holding back tears, I remember all that he did. Thank you, Alex Trebek. We are sure going to miss you. And best of luck to our incoming president. The next 4 years will hopefully be better than the last 4 have been.

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