I guess it is no secret I did not vote for Trump this past election. I voted for Biden. He may not be perfect but after 4 years of Trump and his b7ullshit, it was an obvious choice for me to pick someone who would hopefully run a better country than that Trump piece of crap.

           And look who can’t lose without making it a big conspiracy and not wanting to concede that he lost.

           Hey Dingbat. I lost in 2016 to YOU. Get off your ass and admit YOU DID NOT WIN THE ELECTION!

            It may sound like I’m getting political but so what if I am? 4 years ago I lost the presidential election. I didn’t have a chance to actually win. But that wasn’t my goal. I wanted to give people an option other than a vote for “Mickey Mouse” or “Superman” or something like that. Didn’t happen that way but that isn’t the point here. I LOST THE ELECTION. I didn’t claim the election was rigged, I didn’t claim I “totally won” a bunch of states when I didn’t. I lost. Probably for the better. I didn’t like Hilary Clinton much then either. Now I’ve heard there may have been Russian interference but you know what? I still wouldn’t have won. But I still went for it. And when I didn’t win I didn’t whine or bitch about it being an unfair election or anything like that. I accepted my loss and moved on. Jeez, that sounds like something the loser of the last election should do. I’ve heard some murmurs about Trump running again in 2024, but I would hope the people of America have learned their lesson over the last 4 years. Don’t let that reality show piece of crap anywhere near the White House for all eternity! And put that goofball vice president with him. Might be a better country without all their bull crap.

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