So it is getting that time of year right now and Thanksgiving is coming up this week. gotta admit it does have a special feeling when it comes around to me. Being a wrestling fan I remember back to the old WWF Survivor Series pay per view shows. Especially the first ones they did back in the 80s. Through the years I have watched those first couple of events and it takes me back to when I first started as a wrestling fan. I’ve mentioned before that one of the first shows I got to watch was the 1988 Survivor Series I rented from the local Home Vision Video on VHS back when they were still around. Even today I still think back to that event on Thanksgiving. Along with that, there are shows like Starrcade I can pull off the shelf and watch on Turkey Day. The older shows like Starrcade 1983, 1984, and a bunch from before I was a wrestling fan I have seen them and this time of year makes me think of that kind of stuff.

           I also remember the times I used to spend that day up north at my Grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving. She still lives at the same house which is 2 hours away in northern Maine. Up there it is pretty much like you can imagine northern Maine to be like. Lots of trees and wildlife along with many gas stations and other things to show that people lived there and had settled there. If snow has fallen by this point, there will be plenty of it.

           The food too brought back memories of the old house my father and my aunt and uncle grew up in. Back in the past, there was turkeys, stuffing, green salad, deviled eggs, all kinds of yummy stuff served around the table with the extensions on it so all the relatives sat there and had some bird.

           There are also some non-wrestling things to remember. I remember watching the Peanuts special “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” being the most repeated one every year. I heard they are playing that special on PBS this year. Usually, there were a lot more on TV like Loony Tunes or Winnie the Pooh or Garfield. In the last few years, I may flip around and find the “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” in the morning. I have never been big in the kitchen so usually stood back and stayed in the living room or my bedroom and watched TV while someone else did the cooking. I wasn’t the only one in the family to do that either. I chipped a few times in years past in cleaning up afterward and then sitting down like many of the other relatives and got some sleep from the turkey coma we would usually get.

           But most of all, no matter what I was watching on TV or what was being fixed and sat on the table, I took a moment to think back and remember things from holidays past, kind of like what I am doing right here. So if you are reading this and have a holiday to celebrate, may things go well for you and ones that are close to you.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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