So last night I was watching WWE wrestling on TV when the power goes out! it was raining something fierce and the wind was HOWLING. So the power to Home Base goes out and I was sitting here in total darkness. With the weather like that it was not surprising. Seeing the night of Wrestling fizzle out I got my emergency flashlight and tucked myself into bed. The sounds of the wind blowing made me think as I tried to get to sleep that a tornado was about to hit the house! I only had my wristwatch sitting by my computer to remind me what time it was so it wasn’t like I was tried to get some sleep to be up at a certain time in the morning. Nothing to worry about there.

           I awake and get up this morning and the power is still out! I get up and use the bathroom for what I can at that point (Toilet doesn’t Flush with no power) and go back to sleep as the rain continues to fall outside. I don’t dare get anything out of the fridge. With no power, the fridge doesn’t handle things well if you open it. That is kind of a thing with refrigerators. After getting some snacks from my personal collection close by, I finally went back to sleep.

           A few hours later I woke up again, this time to the sound of one of my housemates using the bathroom. The light was going and there were sounds of the livingroom television going. Power had RETURNED!

           I instantly got up and turned my computer on and then turned on my TV to get an update on what time it was since my own clock radio hadn’t had power for a bit and was not telling the right time. Now with my computer and my TV running, I could get a proper time and adjust my clock. I get that all put in and then get something in my system for food (trying to prevent a fainting spell while trying to take a shower is never fun!) before getting into the bathroom and taking a shower.

           I then look out the window and it looks like the weather had some effect outside in the backyard too. The door to the old woodshed was removed and I don’t know where that went. The small dish that was put on the birdfeeder to keep the squirrels from getting to the actual bird feed was blown off and sitting on the ground next to it and getting rained on. Now that there is light in the house and sunlight outside I see there is a bit of cleaning up to do. It could have been worse, there seems to be a bit of work to be done in the basement of the house too. But with that night over with, things didn’t turn out so bad. Home Base is still standing and nobody around here was hurt. The old Toolshed may need to be replaced but meh, that things needed replacement a long time ago. Heck, that toolshed used to be a clubhouse for me and my sister when we were kids. After last night I just hope that nothing living in there (Critters) was hurt during the night. It doesn’t look like it so time to get cleaned up!

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