Hey Gang! I hope you all have a good Holiday this year, Be it Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever else you may celebrate. May it be good for you and good things come your way!

Honestly, I don’t have much feeling in the Holiday spirit right now. I’ve been feeling a bit off myself. Nothing sick or anything to worry about but I feel like crap. I’m wondering if I am not eating right or getting what I need into my system. I’ve done worse to myself before and wonder if I am doing it again. I’m not throwing up or anything so I’m not too far gone or anything. Hopefully, I will get something in my system soon enough to make that feeling go away.

I’m a bit low on funds right now too. My latest paycheck took its time getting sent out but there isn’t much I can do about that. I am a freelance writer by profession and that place I write for only can pay me so much for writing online. I also had to put some time to keep my Tracfone going. Pain in the butt to do that right now but it expires in 5 days so that needed to be done. I’m glad it did so I have that off my mind.
Another problem is these CoVid rules that keep people at home. They aren’t fun to deal with but CoVid isn’t something to mess around with either. For me, having a couple of people not going anywhere and staying at Home Base is driving me insane. I keep putting up with them, no matter what, but man do I need some time to myself. Hell, I just need some time away from THEM!

So that is me bitchin’ a bit. It wasn’t a very long thing to post this week but that is probably for the better. You don’t need to read about me and my issues right now. I’m glad for those of you that did and hopefully, my next post on here will be a bit more positive. Maybe something good will happen that I will write about. Hope so.

Until then I wish you all a Happy Holiday!

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