AEW and several workers posted this is tribute

   It was a shock to my system when word got out that Brodie Lee had died. Sure, I’m not a big AEW fan and think they have a lot to work on before they are the real opposition to WWE. but Lee was a big name and had a decent plotline going for him as the leader of the Dark Order. They make a good evil counterpart, even it is to the boss and his buddies.

           Brodie Lee was first a name I heard about on wrestling websites when he was on the Indy circuit. Back then he was more of a trucker type. He had a lot of buzz about him even then and there was a lot of talk when he got signed by the WWE. Even then they knew that he was cool.

           Eventually, he was turned into Luke Harper and although he was made into a Wyatt family follower they all didn’t change the nuances of the character, The even said he was “just a trucker type when he came into the family” he was then teamed up with Erick Rowan and they were a good team with that quirky rub to them that made them more fun to watch.

           He was then made Intercontinental champion and that’s when WWE lost the focus of the Story. It pretty much went downhill after that, He had the Bludgeon Brothers team with Rowen after that but of course, the WWE let that go and Harper was off to AEW and made the leader of the Dark Order. Interesting idea even if it was just Cody Rhodes and his buddies against a bunch of nobodies under masks and Brodie, I may not like AEW as much and they are like a lower rent company but with Huber, they got it right. His last match was that dog collar match with Cody and Brodie Lee for the TNT title, but the match was a good one.

           It has been announced that the show Wednesday night will be in tribute to him. Whether that actually happens or not or they do something stupid is beyond me at this point. Some have even said that one of his two sons will be involved. I have no idea about that but I hope THAT is true to some degree and not some cheap chance to get over a new heel or something and make the fans hate him. I have NEVER liked it when they did that. I didn’t care for ECW used to do that kind of thing, I didn’t like it when the WWE did that. And doing that kind of thing here would have me give up on AEW for good.

           But in the end, nothing will bring him back, and from what the wrestling world has posted online about what kind of person he was and all the good he did for everybody he worked with, that is a real loss to everybody. Thank you Mr. Huber for all the work that you did for us, the fans.

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