Flipping around on the TV and one of the news channels have a thing up saying that the inauguration for Joe Biden to become the next president is tomorrow. After 4 years of Trump screwing things up, It is about time for someone different to come along and do a better job at running our country instead of what has been going on.

           I still remember back in 2016 on election night and being online with a friend who lived on the west coast that was devastated that Trump actually won the election. It was no field trip for me either as I was actually IN that race. Of course, I never had a chance at actually winning. But my goal wasn’t to win and become president of the United States. It may sound odd but my goal was to give people I knew an actual choice above voting for Superman or Robin Hood or any other ideas to vote for. Something like that when they didn’t like either candidate. Vote for someone! Of course, there is evidence the whole election was rigged anyway so it didn’t really matter. 2020 was a horrible year but the election went a better way and tomorrow we get to see the end result of it. Hopefully, everything will go all right when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris get inaugurated and we can put the last four years behind us. Hell, let us put Trump and all his crap behind us! His reality show is over, his businesses all flopped and most of them are out of business. Nothing happened in those four years that live on in history for the better!

           Of course, trying to predict the next four years is not exactly a thing I have been good at either. So for all I know this could turn out to be a terrible run for the country. Let’s hope that it doesn’t!

            And coming back to the article last week, it seems I have not been eating right and that is why I have been sick. No COVID or anything like that, I’m not dieing or anything. I need a good sandwich and some chocolate!

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