So I was sitting around this morning and with little else to chose from I grabbed a handful of chocolate from a bag of Hershey Miniatures. That little bag of small little chocolate bars. I needed something in my system so those worked, It has those little Hershey chocolate bars, those dark chocolate bars, those Mr. Goodbar ones with the peanuts in them, and those Krakle bars with crisped rice in them (those are my favorite). I got to thinking. Those have been the same four kinds of bars in a bag of these since I was a kid! They’ve changed the wrappers and all but those 4 have been the same flavors since the ’80s! What kind of different flavors could Hershy’s have used? One idea is to put some candies in a bag that change away from dark chocolate. Something like white chocolate or something like Peanut butter or something. One assortment they used to have was the Nut Lovers pack with nuts in all the bars in a bag or the La Dulceria Thalia bag that had cookies and candy is the assortment. Those are some good ideas. Mix some chocolate in with M&Ms or have a different kind of bar like a SKOR bar or a Milk Dud bar or a Kit Kat bar that would change things up. Those sound mighty tasty and Kit Kats are already done in mini’s so putting them in a miniatures bag wouldn’t be that hard to accomplish. Yummy munchies!

I am letting my stomach come up with these ideas so I’d better stop now.

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