It breaks my heart when I heard that famed middleweight Boxer Marvelous Marvis Hagler had passed away at aged 66. He was a name I knew from seeing many videos of him and some of his incredible fights, The biggest was his incredible fight against Tonas “Hitman” Hearns from 1985. The fight was incredible and earned all the praise it gets from everyone who has seen it. Now, I’m way more of an old-school wrestling fan but that fight was more incredible than many pro wrestling matches I have seen that took place before or since that fight. He then fought Sugar Ray Leonard in another fight that will live on in history.

           It is kind of like Mike Tyson. A name from when I was a kid that lives on YEARS later when you are older and something that is part of your background and something you grew up with, Sure I didn’t follow all his fights or see all of them, but “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler is one of those names that stuck with me for years for being an incredible fighter that put on moments of entertainment that stuck with me since I was a kid. Sad to see him go. May he live on forever!

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