I wanted to say that this new thing of hatred towards people of Asian lineage is not cool to me. People that have Asian lineage no matter where it is from, Did not anything to deserve such feelings from anyone. A lot of those racist feelings are from people that think Bidan didn’t win the last presidential election and that Trump is the rightful president of the United States. Good Lord that felt wrong just typing that last sentence. But there no reason to hate on people because of where they are from. There is no reason to be negative on anybody because they are Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Laotian, or from anywhere else. Asian or not. I’m almost certain no one in Asia created Covid or anything in any part of Asia. Many countries there are advanced in their technology but they can’t be that advanced. The people thinking there is some secret Asian government that would unleash such an illness is usually a racist old fart that has been watching too much TV. I am not for that. My nephew’s father was of Vietnamese blood and I don’t hold that against him. I don’t hold ANYTHING against him because his paternal bloodline is from Vietnam. He is a good guy no matter what.

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