It is that time of year again with Wrestlemania 37 now less than a week away. I don’t know of it the Covid health scare everywhere or my own health problems taking my mind away but I’m just not feeling it this year. Holding the show over two nights with Smackdown also taking place is not something I am in favor of so Hopefully this is the last year of that happening. Nevertheless the events of here and ready to go so bring them on and hopefully they will be good! Here are my predictions of the matches this year!

Night one:

Smackdown woman’s title: Sasha Banks V/S Bianca Belair: I’m not into this one too much. Belair probably wins and becomes the new champion because she won the rumble and putting the title on her would be the way to push her for the times being but not caring that much for whoever wins WINNER: Bianca Belair

WWE Title: Bobby Lashley V/S Drew McIntyre: This isn’t the main event? It will be a slobber knocker with these two guys beating the crap out of each other and I’m looking forward to that. WINNER: Drew wins his belt back

Bad Bunny/Damian Priest V/S The Miz/John Morrison: Now a tag match I guess. Why is this match even happening? What is the point of this? WINNERS: Bad Bunny/Damian Priest win for some stupid reason.

RAW Tag team title: The New Day V/S AJ Styles and Omos: Eh. The WWE has shown little interest in the Tag Team titles of either brand so don’t expect much to go into this match. It’s another chance to put a BIG guy on the card. Winners are inconsequential but whatever. WINNERS: The New Day

Steel Cage: Braun Strowman V/S Shane McMahon: the BIG guy on the card against the boss’s son. It will probably be Braun throwing Shane around against the cage but of course, it is SHANE so that will probably decide the winner WINNER: Shane. He’s the boss’s son so he will probably win just on that.

Cesaro V/S Seth Rollins: Probably the opening match of this night. Not a bad match per say but seems like this was just added on to make someone (Daniel Bryan maybe?) happy. hope this turns out to be the match of the night, WINNER: I hope Cesaro gets it so I am guessing he probably won’t.

Night Two:

Universal Title: Roman Reigns V/S Edge V/S Daniel Bryan: WWE got something right and made this the main event. Unfortunately, it is a 3-way match and I don’t like those matches very much. It will be Bryan and Edge bouncing off Reigns for a while until someone takes him down. I’m hoping Bryan gets him into some kind of submission but who knows what will happen. WINNER: Daniel Bryan becomes the new champion (I Hope!)

RAW woman’s Title: Asuka V/S Rhea Ripley: this match is there. Asuka is the top dog but she is also Japanese and WWE (IE Vince) doesn’t like people from there so Ripley probably takes it. Since Charlotte isn’t there and Ripley needs a win after last years match, Ripley gets it WINNER: Rhea Ripley (rolls eyes)

The Fiend Bray Wyatt V/S Randy Orton: They have done this match at Mania before so I expect some weirdness here. Don’t know what but something weird will happen. WINNER: Randy Orton in a F***ed-up match of the whole weekend.

Intercontinental Title: Big E V/S Apollo Crews: This is billed as a “Nigerian Drum Fight” whatever that means but this whole feud has been nothing but racist to me and I don’t care who wins this mess. WINNER: Big E wins the title I guess. I know when the piss break will happen

Kevin Owens V/S Sami Zayn: This will be a fight. Hopefully, both guys bring all they have and beat the stuffing out of each other if they want to make it interesting. I’m sure the ending of this match will be creative and interesting. WINNER: Kevin Owens and hopefully the end of this “documentary” story they are telling with Zayne.

United States Title: Riddle V/S Sheamus: This can’t be the opener of this night can it? Riddle will come out and hopefully tie up Sheamus into knots and Sheamus just punches to counter. It is a striker V/S a wrestler so let’s see who comes out the better performer in this match WINNER: Riddle

Over all: Nothing shocking or anything that will hang around for the next year or anything but still a decet show. All and all that is all you can ask for. Hope it’s good!

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