I am fighting depression and feel like crap right now but there is that warning before you read on. I got to watch this year’s WrestleMania event (both Nights) and it left me wanting more. This year’s event made me wish I had something from the past to watch. First of all, splitting it on the two nights was a dumb idea and after seeing it done in Japan I wasn’t looking forward to this year’s WrestleMania either. the rain delay on the first day wasn’t something that added to the event. I was an hour into the first night and the first match just finished. 6 hours later I got done watching the rest of the show and it left me going “Meh” I didn’t care for the “celebrities like Logan Paul or Bad Bunny. Hell, I didn’t even know who Bad Bunny even was before all this and Logan Paul was involved in the best match of the entire show. Kevin Steen and Sami Zayn put on a match to remember. Most of those other matches on either night I will probably forget. I should pop in WrestleMania 3 or 4 or something more to my flavor and the nasty taste of this event out of my head. Watching RAW on Monday night didn’t help me any.

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