So I have been sick. My guess is that I am not getting enough of something in my system. Don’t know what but I am having back issues at the same time so I am not moving around very fast or walking real steady. I did have a CAT scan done but the object of THAT seems to be different than that or something. I did get a call that the images came to my doctors and they didn’t sound like they found anything unusual so it seems like I don’t have cancer or anything.

On a completely different topic

I learned this morning that on this date in 1987 GI joe the movie was released. The real movie not one of those live-action horror shows or whatever. The animated movie. It didn’t get shown in the Theater or anything and was mostly shown in bits on the syndicated cartoons on TV. I am a big fan of this movie and it has had it effect on me going back to when I was six years old when it was released. I have seen it multiple times and remember it well. In my big collection of GI Joe figures I have pretty much guessed my first one was Lt. Falcon from that movie. Sure that figure has seen better days and I recently got a new one in better shape but I still have that original one. I still have that original GI Joe comic book too somewhere. Never subscribed to it but I got hooked on those too. A lot of things happened when I saw that movie that are still with me today. Sure it may have come out 34 years ago but for me, it came out in a time that sticks with you for the rest of your life. Even today that movie is still something I remember even if I didn’t see it in the theaters. Heck, the place I saw movies back then isn’t even around anymore.

But thanks to that movie, a lot of my life was shaped from then on.

Thanks, guys for taking this little trip into the past with me and remembering the good times.

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