It had recently come up in my other job to write a list. And with news he had passed away, I did a list of Jim Steinman songs that he wrote or whatever. He is one of my favorite songwriters of all time, His songs told some incredible stories and stuck to my heart many times. But one of his songs that still strikes me is this.

It’s the only Celine Dion song I get into as it brings back to the late 1990s and one weekend I traveled down to Toys R Us. It still makes me cry a bit when I remember that story, and it doesn’t tell the story the song tells but it is still a part of me.

It all starts back in 1997 or something like that, I have said on here many times that one of the things I collect are Gi Joes figures from the ’80s and ’90s, and at this point in time, they weren’t being made anymore and hasn’t for a few years at this point. Well, I get told by my best friend that they are coming back to Toys R Us stores. Where I am that is an hour away in either direction and I don’t drive. Bummer. Well, my friend asks me if I want to go to the store down south and check them out with him. HELL YEAH! So we get together and drive down to the one in Portland Maine. About an hour south and check out their TRU. As soon as I go through the doors THIS song plays on the loudspeaker:

I immediately start looking down the aisles and can’t find them until the end cap one of the aisles and there they are. I remember I picked up the Silver Mirage motorcycle with the Duke figure and the Trouble Bubble that had a Viper figure with it. The Vehicles may be gone now but I still have both figures. Once my purchase was made (and my friend picked up some Transformers stuff for himself) we eventually drove back home and like the song said It was all coming back to me now (Well then but you get the point.)

Ever since that moment I’ve always kept this version of the song close to my heart. Geeky as Hell but having that as the soundtrack to what became a special moment for me was an incredible moment like Jim wrote about in that song and writing down a memorial to him after his passing and running across the song again made me cry and remember that memory.

So RIP Jim Steinman

And Thank you.

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