Well, it looks like the nanobots that inhabit Norad are no longer passive and docile. I suppose it makes sense that they are desperate now that they’re facing their own extinction. Since their deaths are inevitable, they will do whatever it takes to get the Starbolts to listen. What do they want? Will they release Norad and Syntax?

    Speaking of Syntax, we’ve now got a glimpse into who she really is. Or was. Her name was Holly Demers and she was once a Las Vegas showgirl. Terra Nova seems to have a thing for women don’t they? Sara, Crystal, Shenra and now Syntax have all been part of some sick experiments. Don’t worry. Guys have been subjected to experiments, too. They were an equal opportunity terrorist organization after all. 

    Here’s how I see Syntax’s creation. Holly was a showgirl and she was taken out by Terra Nova after they found that no one would miss her. They took her mental engrams, personality and everything and put it into a metal shell. I’ll explore this in detail next week as she is going to  have a heart-to-heart talk with Sara about her Terra Nova origins.

    Back to the Nanobots. Why didn’t they just TELL Norad what was going on? Surely he’d have listened. Here’s hoping for the best for the nanobots. They sure aren’t making live easy for our android friends. Will Norad and Syntax get new bodies? If so, what happens to the Nanobots? Tune in and find out!

See ya next time!

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