Well, that’s one android down and another to go. Now the team has to save Norad from the nanobots. Sadly, they’ve taken quite a bit of a heel turn. They want a new body and are willing to torture Norad and boot out who they call “an aberration”. I’m not sure they can be reasoned with. Time will tell.

    As far as Crystal goes, she clearly has huge motivation in saving Holly. Like her, Crystal was also a victim of Terra Nova. It’s a topic we’ve discussed many times in the comic. She wasn’t about to let Holly fade away into the night because of what TN did to her. Sara and Crystal will discuss her actions next time. I’m pretty sure she’ll be understanding. This situation proves that while Crystal does have some smarts, she’s more her mom than anything else. She wouldn’t be a great scientist. But, she is an amazing Lady Liberty.

    Anyway, at least the emergency transfer was a complete success. Now Team Science has to figure out a way to save Norad AND give the contentious nanobots what they want in a timely manner. They have been getting rather pushy….

See ya next time!

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