This week Norad has been saved and something quite different has emerged in his old body now that Pegasus and the nanobots have successfully merged programs. You can probably debate over what happened after Norad went into his new body. My best guess is that the two entities came to a mutual understanding and decided to merge. The One and Pegasus no longer exist in the conventional sense. What was left behind is something completely different and now the Starbolts are left behind to try and find a cure for the nanobots while it’s off seeing the world.

    I don’t think the Starbolts will take the nanobot’s departure lightly and will attempt to find where it went off to. I mean since it has a life threatening ailment wouldn’t it make sense for it to say behind with those who would want to treat it? Who can say? It’s not very logical.

    Next time we’re going to be switching gears to a story about Jack and Anya as we head into Starbolts #550! Stay tuned!

See ya next time!

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