As the Starbolts track down the nanobots, Jack has a mission of his own to undertake. It seems that Anya’s former partner, Dimitri Smirnov, finally went crazy due to the super-soldier serum coursing through his blood. Time for some backstory!

     The original serum courses through the blood of Jack, Sara and Crystal thanks to their mother, Andrea. However, the three of them all have varying levels of super-soldier-like skills because each offspring has different amounts of the serum inside of them. Jack has the most and as a result is a true super-soldier. Sara and Crystal being twins allowed for only great agility, endurance and the like. They can match their brother in a fight. But, in the end he has more inside of him. 

    Anya and Dimitri both received variants of the serum their government created in the wake of Andrea’s adventures as the second Lady Liberty. Her serum changed her and she passed it down to her children. In Anya and Dimitri’s case, they were both test subjects the Russian government wanted to use in order to create their own brand of super-soldier that was unlike the American variant. There was one small problem. The Russian variant drove men completely insane while women were left untouched. Why that happened is anyone’s guess.

    Now we’re back to today’s comic and Dimitri has released the creature responsible for killing Iron Eagle and Spitfire as seen in the flashback from Starbolts #507. You can bet that Jack won’t be happy about this creature bring allowed back into the world. Maybe he SHOULD have taken a Centurion wrecking ball as backup. I mean you can’t go wrong with a cosmic powered sledgehammer, right? You might call it “overkill”. I call it “leveling the playing field”. This creature is bad news. Very bad news. We’ll see just how bad he is as we march on to Starbolts #450.

    One side note before we go. I looked up the skyline of Singapore and those buildings are fancy. I wondered how I would copy the style….and the neon. It’s like the city is in the future. That would have definitely pushed the boundaries of what I was capable of. Still, what I came up with was good. 

We’ll see how the rest of this spy movie unfolds next week! See ya then!

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