Well, this is an interesting turn of events. It looks like Jack has decided to finally embrace his heritage and become Iron Eagle after all. When he met his grandfather in Starbolts #504, he was adamant in refusing to pick up the shield. What happened? What changed? I’ll explain why in future comics. Right now Dimitri has to be delivered to Moscow. It doesn’t take a lot to imagine what his superiors are going to do to him. Suffice it to say Dimitri’s debriefing will be quite unpleasant. At least the monster that killed the first Iron Eagle and Spitfire is dead and their spirits can rest easy knowing it can no longer threaten the world and their daughter, grandchildren and unborn great-grandchild.

    I’ll also answer where the creature came from another time. We know that Terra Nova made the monster. Was he one of Clive’s creations? No. He just likes to clone hot girls. That’s just ten shades of creepy right there. Don’t worry. He never did it for any form of gratification. He thought of Sara and Crystal as weapons. Nothing more. So, where did Emil come from? That’ll be revealed in time. Do stay tuned for that!

    See ya next time!

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