Whew! What could be worse than facing a genetically enhanced hulking monster that killed your grandparents? Jack found out firsthand that meeting your girlfriend’s parents is always going to be the hardest think you ever do in your life. Jack has never done that before and this week he performed that task admirably. Sadly, he never had the chance with his first girlfriend, Scarlett. They were always “too busy”. I wonder if they even know she’s gone. That’s a story for another time.

    This is a pivotal milestone in Jack and Anya’s relationship and Starbolts #550 promises to take it even further. What’ll happen? You will just have to wait and see. 

    As far as this comic goes, we got a look into the background of Anya Petrov. She was an orphan who lost her birth parents in an explosion in Kiev. She was raised by two former spies. Eagle-eyed readers should get the first names of the adoptive parents. I wasn’t about to go with the stereotypical “Boris and Natasha” or even “Ivan”. Their names come from the real names of two very awesome Russian superheroes, the Black Widow and Colossus. Even their character designs draw some inspiration from Piotr Rasputin and Natasha Romanov.I thought that was clever. =D

    All of the loose ends are wrapped up and now we’re going to celebrate Anya’s joining the ranks of the Starbolts in #550. After that we’ll be getting a special Halloween-like storyline for Sara and Crystal. Stay tuned! 

See ya next time!

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