One storyline ends and another begins as we celebrate the comic’s 550th issue! We start with Jack and Anya wrapping things up in Gronzy before heading back to Singapore for a much needed vacation. Seriously, they need one after dealing with Dimitri and Emil. Those baddies won’t be seen again for quite some time. Especially since one of them is quite dead. However, we may be seeing Piotr and Natalia again some day.

  Now let’s talk about Jack and Anya. Jack is a little broken due to the cybernetics in his body. Even after Aquita and the finest doctors enhanced him to the point where he is close to human as possible, he still has some issues. Something as simple as breaking a glass would mean more to a cyborg than it would for the rest of us. So, Anya is doing whatever it takes to make Jack feel human. The night was always going to end in romance anyway. The wine incident just kicked it into high gear. Now that’s love. She wanted to show him he can’t break her. It’s a shame about that rug, though. It’s just as well. It wasn’t coming back with them anyway!

    Onto the next story! It looks like we finally find out who the void witch was and it looks like it was Cecilia all along. How is she a void witch? What’s her story? We’ll find out next week for sure. In case anyone is keeping track, this is now the fourth woman Zarantha has screwed. I think she has an issue with people with hair. I really do. 

See you next time as we delve into Cece’s background! 

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