There’s a whole lot of naked this week isn’t there? Yeah, I figured I’d address it right out of the gate rather than avoid talking about it. At least certain bits have censor bars or blurs on the characters. I couldn’t decide on the best option for Marcus so I went with a bar. A blur doesn’t really work when it’s a small sprite like these. Anyway, it is clear that the two definitely had sex. This week I wanted to show another side of their relationship and show that Crystal will eventually be okay. She’s been in therapy for a long time and given enough time she will be fine as she’s with the man she loves.

    Marcus loves Crystal and will help her get past the hurdles she has to deal with. Who better to help her than a runner, right? She knows that there’s no easy fix to her problems. But, at least she has a man who will help her out no matter what. Talking about the issues she has to contend with like the dreams help. Any other man would have been like “You’re dreaming about another dude?! BYE!” Not Marcus. They get each other. Even he has certain issues and they work through them together. Perhaps she can help him jump a few of his own hurdles. 

    What I didn’t include in this week’s comic was a bit about how not only did the spells not like Marcus touching her. They worked to dampen the pleasure center in Crystal’s brain. I’m not sure if it will be revealed to Crystal or not. She and Marcus clearly had sex before and had a more pleasurable experience this time around. She will connect the dots, I am sure. The spells messed her up quite a bit given how they were conjured during emotional distress. Now than that’s not an issue, she’s finally free to become the woman she was meant to be and that’s all she ever wanted. She wants to be confident like her mother and her twin sister. Letting go of the past and dealing with her trauma is a way to do that. Since she’s now in control of her magic, she can work on being confident without spells getting in the way.

    Now we turn to Andrea and her story. She too had dreams and nightmares. She dreamt of having a daughter and instead got two beautiful girls. When they were lost, she had nightmares until Crystal and Sara were revealed to be her biological children all this time. If things went according to plan, Elaine would have carried the twins to term. Sadly things didn’t go by the book. But, at least things worked out and her dream did eventually come true. The story she told Crystal resonates with her because of her own backstory. With her true history known and confidence gained, she is about to become a force to be reckoned with!

  That’s all for this week. Tune in next time for Sara’s talk with her dad! That’s going to be fun!

See ya then! 

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