You’ve got to love the daddy/daughter moment this week. Last week’s comic was more about Crystal and what she has been going through with her spells and everything. When compared to Sara, it seems that Crystal is more her mother’s daughter. She seeks solace with those around her even though her trauma was more external. Sara on the other hand is more introspective like her father. She internalizes everything and sometimes she needs a little coaxing to let all of it out. Yeah. Sara’s definitely a “daddy’s girl”.

    Still, this was a great talk and it’s probably a good idea to have her wait on the training since she has a baby on the way and she still has to contend with everything else in her life. Crystal is very much the same way because like her, she just found out she was a Whitefox all along and a void witch. Both ladies have a lot to process and are going to deal with it in different ways.

    Now Jack is back and it looks like the Order of Korun wants to speak with Sara and Crystal. What could they want? Tune in next week and find out!

See ya then!

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