When the Order of Korun has to call in an eccentric old wizard, you know they are scared. Granted he is the leader and most wisest of all Jedi   wizards in the Order. He’s still pretty eccentric and perhaps doesn’t know how to read a room. I get the feeling he probably will be disappointed by Crystal and Sara’s “scrolls”. The twins and everyone else will give the old guy a break. He’s over nine hundred years old and he’s wearing 3-D glasses for some reason. I haven’t figured out why and it’s not really a plot point. Sam and I just thought he should look like the 10th Doctor, David Tennant.

    For his personality, I was thinking of going with an even more eccentric Dumbledore. It seemed the best way to go. I was thinking Gandalf. But, I couldn’t really get that personality down so this eccentric old guy came about. 

    It looks like Adelphus has some history with Cece. We’ll probably delve into that as time goes by. Right now we have two void witches who need to be “evaluated”.

    I also included a bit about Jack as I needed to have some closure for that arc. He DID kill Emil and he felt bad about it. That just means he feels guilt and remorse. Given time he should be fine. He proved that despite everything he isn’t a monster and that’s what separates him from Emil Tartakoff.

Anyway, we’ll be back with more comics soon! Do stay tuned because we’re heading to this Jedi temple the Order calls home. See ya next time!

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