This year’s holiday comic takes a different turn as we don’t necessarily have a Christmas theme. But, it does present a Christmas message nonetheless. The message is that family is important and that just because things may look bleak, there may be a sign of hope. You never know unless you try. Granted Selena is very lucky in her case that her sister accepts her as a lesbian. Some people aren’t as fortunate. It really does depend on the family and everything. Still, family is important and Kaori gave her the best gift of all.

     I also wanted to spotlight Kaori as we don’t show her that often. We learned that she is an orphan and was raised by Stan’s old friend and teammate, Ganetsu. We also learned she may be a little jealous of Sara and Crystal over the void witch thing. We’ll be covering more of that in future comics.

    As far as Selena go, I think their relationship was made a bit stronger. As a Starbolt, Kaori usually helps strangers. This week she helped her girlfriend see that she was worried over nothing. That’s bound to score some girlfriend points if you ask me!

See you next time!

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