A new year has begun for our heroes and it has started with a bang! It certainly didn’t take long for the danglers Medea talked about last time to turn up did it? Keep in mind that these are two pretty big danglers. There are others I talked about in the comic and you can be sure they’ll be dealt with in the coming year. For now let’s take a look at this comic.

    Crystal is ready to hit the ground running in her training. She has never been more focused in her life now that she knows who and what she is. She knows that with her great confidence, comes great responsibility. She just wants to be able to use it the right way. And she will. Her boyfriend, Marcus, of course will support her and help as always. It’s just another hurdle for her to face and she will meet it head on!

    Sara is taking a more pragmatic approach as always. She’ll be catching up to her sister in no time. She just needs time to carefully analyze the situation. It’s funny how both twins are identical in terms of physical appearance (minus the hair and eyes) but they take different approaches to everything. For the longest time, Crystal didn’t know who she really was and she wants to explore everything. Sara does, too. But, she is taking the more analytical approach. They are twins. Just sometimes they don’t always do the identical thing.

    Now there’s Tanis. The book he gave Cece is going to help Angela with her problem. That will get resolved, too. Poor kid, though. He’s reacting to the Starbolts craziness and is wondering what is going on. He SHOULD be used to this kind of thing. Problem is he never really embraced things.

    I kind of wish I could have done a comic involving Marcus vs the tracksuit gang. That would have been funny! But, perhaps we’ll see them another day. 

    The scene has been set for a new year full of Starbolts adventure. The players are ready. The orchestra is engaged. Now let’s see if they can dance.

See ya next time!

About Cferra

I am the author of the Starbolts webcomic and host of Comic Showcase.

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