Well, now. Demonstorm is back and he still has his twisted idea of what a hero should be. If you remember from the Starbolts “tournament” comics which ran from Starbolts #153 to Starbolts #200, Demonstorm had this crazy idea that he should be the hero. The thing is though at heart he is an evil, evil tyrant with none of the morality which makes a person a hero. He goes about it all wrong and now thousands are dead because of his misguided beliefs. Charming, isn’t he?

    M’anta expressed some guilt of course when killing Lord Demonstorm. He has a heart. Of course he would feel guilty over taking a life even if it’s his enemy. Now that he’s back, he feels less guilty. This may be a problem. We’ll see what happens when he confronts him once again.

    Crystal is right, though. Evil comes in many forms. Tanis doesn’t have the monopoly of sucky “father” figures. The “men” who raised Sara and Crystal were far, far removed from their actual birth father, Stan. The girls wish they were raised by him and their mother. They don’t wish what they went through on anyone. I think Tanis understands that now. We’re going to see how this all will play out very soon.

    This is also the second time Jack has his grandfather’s shield. Is he trying to be the next Iron Eagle? We’ll see. First things first. The Starbolts have an interdimensional tyrant to stop! Good luck, team! You’re gonna need it!

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