This week we visit the greatest fears of Crystal, Takashi and Firaxil. Crystal didn’t have any trouble seeing through the illusion. She had her fill with Zarantha poking around her brain many, many comics ago. It all came to a head back in Starbolts #373. Since then Crystal has been training with Aquita to block out mental tampering. It’s always good to have a telepath on standby just in case things go south. She’s going to have to help Marcus now that he’s free of his illusion. I think she’d be up to the task.

    As far as Takashi goes, he may have had a thing for Kaori. That kind of went by the wayside as they were both adopted and raised by the same man, Ganetsu. Does he still harbor those feelings for Kaori? It remains to be seen. For now they just love each other like a brother and sister would even though there is no blood between them. And I would think he’d be happy for Kaori since she found love with Selena. Demonstorm was just trying to mess with his head.

    Now we come to Firaxil. He wasn’t having any part of this illusion was he? We’ll find out why next time. He was not particularly thrilled seeing his home wrecked and his wife near death. But, something made him realize it was just an illusion. We’ll see why soon enough. 

    Our heroes have a serious beef with Demonstorm. They’re mad and he’d better watch out for these four Starbolts.

See ya next time!

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