What can I say about this week’s comic? How about “Yikes!” Or “Oh, no. What are they going to do now?!” Well, fear not my friends because Tanis is on the way to save the day! The next comic looks like it’s going to be his chance to shine and redeem himself in the eyes of the Starbolts and perhaps even himself. Will he step up and confront his father?

    Speaking of Demonstorm, I think it can be safe to assume he may have reached the second form in this boss battle. Let’s hope the Starbolts can defeat him! 

    Meanwhile, what is up with Marcus? He’s been kind of cold toward his girlfriend ever since he snapped out of Demonstorm’s vision. Did something happen to him? Time will tell because we are definitely going to tackle that issue in the the next few comics. Stay tuned for that. I won’t spoil anything. But, we shall see what’s going on in the speedster’s brain very soon.

    As for M’anta, I think he’ll be fine once he has a dip in a pool or something. He was already dehydrated from flying over the lava pit. Fighting Demonstorm just worsened his condition. We shall see if he’ll be fighting fit in no time. 

    See ya next week and we’ll see if Tanis can finally stop his father before anyone else falls!

Stay tuned!

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