There’s a lot of stuff to unpack in this week’s comic isn’t there? Let’s go into details, shall we? Yes! Let’s!

    First up we have Takashi and Kaori. Takashi seems to be okay after his ordeal. He’s at peace with his relationship with his adoptive sister and she is, too. It’s going to take time to shake off what he went through. I have no idea what he was tinkering with. I just figured I’d put a giant robot head on the table. It’s just a very random thing. =D

    Next we have Firaxil and Sara talking about her clones; Sola, Velocity and Psyche. I think Firaxil wants closure in regards to Velocity and Psyche since they died in his arms. Sola might be another story. I suppose they’ll be picking up the conversation when they get to New Inobus. They’ll be going there for a quick vacation in order to take in everything that’s happened to them so far. From learning she was a Whitefox to becoming a void witch, Sara has gone through so much in a short time. She needs to breathe!

    Poor Marcus has a lot to deal with with Demonstorm running through his head. Here’s hoping that is resolved soon. I’m gonna have to do a huge romantic payoff for him and Crystal once this is over. It’ll be a long road. But, I am sure they’ll be fine!

    For an unexpected twist, we have Cece and the Dastara’s butler, Walter. That’s a bit of a surprise coupling coming out of left field. The way I see it Walter met Cece and she appeared to be a very pretty young woman. He had a crush and Walter being the gentleman he is felt it was improper to proceed since he was a bit older than she appeared. Well, now the tables have turned a bit as SHE is considerably older than him. It’s definitely a strange tale.  We may see more of that relationship down the road.

    For now, though, the Starbolts have a friend to fix. Four people went into that room and only one got messed up in the head. Here’s hoping they can fix the team’s heart!

See ya next time!

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