Crystal is clearly a woman on a mission and throughout the writing process and creation of this comic, I had Huey Lewis’s “The Power of Love” in my head. The lyrics that pop out the most definitely relate to this week’s comic are:

“It’s strong and it’s sudden and it can be cruel sometimes. But, it might just save your life!” 

     I think that aptly describes what’s going in this week’s comic. Marcus is in trouble and the only way to keep Demonstorm at bay is the power of love. I know it’s corny as hell. But, work with me here. Demonstorm is a being who is incapable of love, right? He doesn’t understand it and has never felt it. He sees it as a weakness. So, the love Marcus has for his friends and his girlfriend, Crystal, keep him going. It’s the only thing keeping him from having Demonstorm take over his mind and body.

    Demonstorm is still trying to play on Marcus’s fears and the team is doing their best to keep the speedster’s hope’s up. Here’s hoping it works! Without the kissing!

    Next comic will see the return of Medea. What has she been up to since the last time Tanis visited? We shall see! See ya next time!

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