There is a lot going on this week! First we learn that it’ll take more than just sexy times to cure Marcus of his Demonstorm infestation. Marcus and Crystal will have to partake in a mystical bonding ritual which should solve his problems. It’ll also bring the two closer together in terms of their relationship. It’ll be well worth it. Crystal just needs some training and she’ll be back in two shakes to help Marcus with his problem.

    Marcus should be well taken care of with Mateo, Aquita and Sirak helping him out. He just got another boost of oxytocin. I think he should be okay for now. But, he can’t keep this up forever. Crystal will have to act fast if she is to save Marcus. And you know that woman is driven to save her boyfriend. Whatever it takes. 

    Now we come to Tanis shaking the box Demonstorm’s stored in. I have to say it is cathartic. The whole scene is also a way for Medea to bond with her son. I feel like Medea was never really given a chance to bond with Tanis because of how his father treated him. Technically speaking he’s only a few years old even though he has the appearance of a young adult. Demonstorm and Braun artificially aged him after all. Tanis finally has the chance to vent out his frustration. I think there’s a chance for both victims of Demonstorm to bond now that the tyrant is out of their lives. We’ll see on that front.

    It is nice to see Medea and Cece being catty with one another. They are two sides of the same coin and I think Cece might be taken aback by Medea’s strategies. Medea wants to atone for all of Demonstorm’s misdeeds and I think Cece will understand that in time.

So much stuff happened this week and we got more in store for next week!

See ya next time!

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