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    This week Crystal and Marcus are off on a well deserved vacation. After what he endured at the hands of Demonstorm, can you really blame him? Yeah, he and Crystal are going to need some time away. But, don’t worry! They’ll both be back for the special 600th comic coming soon. A few other Starbolts will be returning by then as well. It seems like everyone is scattered these days. Angela is in space. Firaxil and Sara are on New Inobus. Now Marcus and Crystal are off to the Arlandero ranch.

     Don’t worry. I’m sure there really isn’t any disastrous consequences to the bonding ritual. It was a line. And a good one at that. It probably only works for witches or something.

    Meanwhile Medea has fixed not one but TWO Starbolts. This could be her redemption tour through the ranks of the Starbolts. Could she be the one to fix Angela? That remains to be seen. We may be focusing on her as we start on the road to Starbolts #600. We may even check in on our friends here. Yes, I know they said they wanted to be alone. But, hey. Why not, right? 

Stay tuned! More Starbolts goodness is coming your way!

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