After this week’s comic I bet you are wondering if Jack really is on the road to becoming the new Iron Eagle. Time will tell. Right now he’s still dealing with everything that’s happened in the past year. The entire Whitefox family has to come to grips with the fact that Sara and Crystal were Stan and Andrea’s twins all along. In fact, I suspect that while Marcus and Crystal are away at the ranch, she is probably doing some soul-searching while he has therapy sessions with Angela. Sara definitely is doing some self-discovery. I think they might all need a breather in order to take stock in what has actually happened. It’s a lot to take in.

    For the most part, Jack seems to be still angry over his old “friend” Snake’s betrayal. It was bad enough that he killed Soldier Six on Discord Island. He’s also responsible for the abduction of the embryos as seen in Starbolts #455. The soldier is definitely not happy here. Who can blame him?

    We do get a bit of a glimpse into what could have been when Andrea talks about Scarlett and her conversation with Jack in the flashback. Scarlett had no memories of her parents as she was brought into “Project: Liberty’s Children” at a young age alongside Jack. They could have been anyone. She latched onto Andrea as a surrogate mother much like Crystal did. If Scarlett had lived and if the embryos were not stolen from Harris Labs, the twins’ lives would have turned out very differently. Count on that! 

       The flashback probably takes place just after Mateo and Jenna were born as they are the oldest of the original Starbolt kids. Jack and the rest of Soldier Six were hyper-aged and at this point were probably physically teenagers.

    See Starbolts #458 to see the outcome of the reveal. Between now and when Jack sees Snake again (And you know he will) he has a lot to sort out. How will confront Richard? We shall see. His actions also impacted Andrea who considered him a son. So, it’s going to be tough for everyone.

   We’ll have time to go into detail soon enough. Tune in next time for a return of an old friend.

See ya next time!

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