It’s been a long time coming and finally Angela has the heart of Illibrata out of her! For those who don’t remember, the heart is the source of all the Centurions’ powers. Angela’s father is a Centurion and so she inherited some of his abilities. When Demonstorm performed his ritual on her and transferred the power to him, it corrupted the heart. Things seemed okay for a while until it was found that having the heart of Illibrata be corrupted and inside a Terran would eventually cause great disasters. I have many comics covering this. But, you’re going to want to check out this comic where Angela confronted an older version of herself from a timeline that has officially ceased to exist. Check out Starbolts #481: Arguing With Myself.  

    Basically what just happened was this. The heart has been transferred from Angela to the nanobots. Since the nanobots are logical beings with no emotions, they cannot be corrupted and thus can handle the heart with no issues whatsoever. As a result, their lifespan has probably increased, too. If you recall, their lifespan was cut short thanks to being part of Norad.

    So, what will become of Angela now? Well, she is still an empath and she’s still a Starbolt. Right now all she wants to do is be with Kevin and not have to worry about her phenominal cosmic powers hurting anyone. However, she’s still the daughter of a Centurion. That’s never going to change. Who knows what will happen in the future?

See ya next time as we march headlong into Starbolts #600!

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