Happy holidays from the Starbolts! It looks like this holiday comic reveals that our friend Ellie is in a relationship with one of the techies who run maintenance on the Watchtower and various equipment at the academy. One has to wonder how Ellie and Tricia met. Well, it’s an interesting story and Sam and I might reveal it in time. For now, enjoy this little peek into their relationship. I know we’ve hinted at her possibly having a relationship with Richie. However, that wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

    In the new year, Sam and I will be delving more into this relationship and you can bet Ellie’s mom, Elisabeth, won’t be too thrilled about this. But, wait! Isn’t she in jail?! Well, yes. However, a lot can happen off panel. You’ll just have to wait and see what’s coming in 2023! Stay tuned for our sneak preview!

See ya next time!

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I am the author of the Starbolts webcomic and host of Comic Showcase.

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