The new year starts off with a bang as Sara encounters a great-grandmother who shares the same name as her twin sister. I think Crystal will be happy to learn this because Clive was the one who named her all those years ago. Clive called her “Crystalline skeletal mutate zero zero one” when she was born and that was later shortened to Crystal. Charming, right? Yes. Sufficed it to say Crystal will be MUCH happier knowing that her name and her middle name are from two ancestors. For those keeping score it’s “Crystal” and “Ahyoka”. 

   Now, what about Sara? Well, she’s going to have to take a trip down memory lane isn’t she? I’ve already referenced her trial in Starbolts #416 and the basement scene in Starbolts #421.She has a long road of recovery ahead of her and I am confident she will emerge from all of this a whole new person with a complete soul and everything. How do I know? The power of advanced plot points! It’s handy to have. I can’t say how it will be accomplished. But, have patience because it is going to be a wild ride. And don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten the snake at the academy.

   As far as the original Crystal goes, here’s her info. She was born in Ireland in the late 1890s and dabbled in the mystic arts. She’s the mother of the fame heroine Spitfire aka Peggy Tennant. She helped to raise Andrea along with Carter, the first Lady Liberty, when her parents were killed. She lived just long enough to see Andrea marry Stan in the 1970s. The rest as they say is history.

More on her story will be discussed soon. For now, let’s see how she will help her great-granddaughter piece together her soul.

See ya next time! 

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