It looks like things have definitely gotten a little off track now that the Starbolts have inadvertently activated the holographic representation of the Agent known as Pegasus. The last time he was seen was in Starbolts #612 where he got a crash course in Starbolts history thanks to his creator, Richard Dastara. While Pegasus’s heart seems to be in the right place, he may be operating under the assumption that the Starbolts are still teenagers. Remember, his first body was destroyed shortly after discovering the whereabouts of Crystal Whitefox. That was a little over ten years ago in comic time. Because of this, he still thinks of them as teenagers. He’s going to be getting a very rude awakening soon.

    Speaking of Crystal, I enjoyed writing that bit of dialog between her and Scarlett. Crystal still feels a bit of rage when it comes to Richard Smythe. After all he DID kidnap her and Sara and that led to the two being implanted and raised by two terrorists. We all know what happened next. At least they were found. 

    Crystal enjoys learning about the childhood she clearly missed as it gives her more of a connection to Marcus, Mateo, Kevin and Jenna. She doesn’t feel like an outsider that way and feels more like part of the group. You’d think that would’ve upset her. But, honestly she’d take anything of a past she wishes she had and make it part of her present. Her sister on the other hand? Sara would swear at Clive’s very existence and now that she’s a void witch she would use her powers against him to torture the mad scientist in VERY gruesome ways. Ironically, Crystal is the level-headed one here.

 So, now the Starbolts have missing parents to look for as well as Smythe. Are the two things connected? Hmmm…..It’s a possibility. You’ll just have to wait and see!

See ya next time!

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