The Starbolts are off on their hunt for the Xazes! Will they be able to find the Agents of S.T.A.R. and stop Smythe and Ruby? Let's hope so. They don't know that Elisabeth is also with them. So, they assume this is a two person operation. I think they're going to be surprised that Ruby has an army of prisoners at her command AND Elisabeth King as well. Yeah, there's gonna be some trouble.

I do like how the talk Crystal and Yeena had turned out. Crystal was bound to be upset at last week's revelation where it turned out the woman who raised her was none other than her real mom's archenemy, Masque. That's a tough one to deal with since she grew up idolizing her own mother and to be raised by Masque is just something she just can't deal with. However, she will deal with it in her own way. It's a guarantee that sparks are going to fly. I don't think it'll be a happy conversation!

With Yeena being a telepath, she can sense peoples' emotional state. This makes it easy for people to talk to her. Many of the Starbolts confide in her and she often shares her wisdom with the group. It's good that the team has someone to confide in. Lord knows they need someone like her right about now!

Crystal definitely has some strong feelings about how she was raised by that terrorist organization. It might just come to a head and now that our heroine has limitless magical abilities, who knows what she’ll do. One thing’s for sure, she has every right to be angry. What she does with that feeling is up to her. Either way, I think Ruby better be careful what buttons she pushes…..

See ya next time!

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