This week tragedy strikes the Starbolts as an old foe returns to get his revenge on their ally, Pal’idin. His name is Halconis and he hasn’t been seen in the comic since Starbolts #81 and that was way back in 2010!  I think Mr. Halconis still holds a bit of a grudge after all these years. I had been wondering how to bring that villain back since he was incarcerated on his home world of Dovianni. I figured he was eventually transferred to that Inobe prison and if you’ve been reading the last few comics, you’d know what happened there. I wonder who else has been freed by the snake and the others. We now know of three prisoners: Ruby, the Leonid who killed Jeb and now Halconis. Only forty-seven more left to be revealed. Are any more prisoners people with an axe to grind against the Starbolts? Maybe. Just maybe.

    For now we have a bit of a mystery. A mystery passenger was mentioned by Cobra before he and Halconis transported to the library. Who is she? Well, I can say that she definitely works well with Ruby and admires what she’s been doing to Andrea. Could she be responsible for the second Lady Liberty’s emotional outbursts? I’d say so. How? That’s anyone’s guess at this point. 

    I think after this comic, Garazo and CJ will be joining our heroes in the hunt for Cobra. Their chaotic tour around the galaxy has to end as their list of crimes mount! See ya next time for more drama. Who knows what will happen next. No one is safe from Terra Nova! On the plus side it’s good that the Setleth home world is healing!

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