It’s very rare that I actually get a chance to post a comic on April 1st. I think the closest I ever came to an actual April Fool’s Day comic was way back in Starbolts #101. I usually don’t do joke comics very often because it would ruin the flow of the current storyline. That and it’s probably best to save them for special occasions like Christmas, Halloween and New Year’s. 

    For this week, I wanted to get right into the aftermath of last week’s comic which saw the death of Starbolt ally, Pal’idin. It seems that our friend, Pal, had a son who was also named Pal’idin. We’ll be seeing him in the future. Will he be joining up with the Starbolts and take his father’s place at their side? Probably. The Pal’idin sprites are just too awesome to retire. 😉 I kid. I think having a child of Pal’idin joining the Starbolts continues the theme of the comic.

    The theme of the comic has always been about the next generation of heroes making their place in the universe. Obviously danger comes from all sides and now we have Terra Nova threatening to sick the dark avatars on our heroes again. What could they hope to gain by releasing four Aquans powered by the gods? Oh, a lot of damage can be done and Elisabeth knows it. The real fun will begin.

    As far as Pal’idin goes, the Starbolts were right to take their deceased friend with them since the Dovianni are still sketchy about space travel. How else would the body have been given to his people?

    Now we turn to the Agents. It’s clear that they’re trying to do whatever it takes to escape. Luckily help has arrived for Earth’s mightiest. Will the Starbolts be able to save the Agents of S.T.A.R. and stop Terra Nova from freeing the dark avatars? You’ll find out next week!

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I am the author of the Starbolts webcomic and host of Comic Showcase.

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