A look at what’s going on in one of my favorite places

Before we get into the majority of this weeks article, I’d like to encourage people to donate to the Red Cross or a reputable charity organization to help out with those who were affected by the earthquake in Nepal. Those people need help to try and piece lives back together and help the ones who are injured.

Also I’d like to mention the passing the passing of wrestling legend Verne Gagne. Gagne was a legend in both amateur and professional wrestling. He was an Olympian in 1948 and ran one of the biggest wrestling companies in the country from 1959 until 1991. He trained many men and I’ll probably do a better write up at another time.

But the majority of what this article is about is a place that means a lot to me and that is the city of Baltimore.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t live there, I only visited a few times for Otakon conventions and visited friends, but I had a great time each time I visited and having stayed next to the old Baltimore Arena (1rst Mariner Arena officially) and looked out from the Convention center to the city that surrounds it, I can say I’d love to go back for another con experience with friends and the city.

But I’m not oblivious to what else has been going on in the city either, much like a lot of the big cities around the country, hard times have really taken a chunk out of a city like Baltimore. With what’s been going on recently, it’s just the culmination of that.

Much like what happened in Missouri, I wish for people to remember that just because someone posts something on Twitter or Facebook doesn’t make it true. Watch where you get your information from as to what “really” is going on in Baltimore. for all those who think national media outlets have agendas, so do a lot of individuals who want people to think a certain way. Try to act as your own filter for what you think is happening.

There is a big difference between people actually protesting over the death of a man in police custody, and people rioting. Attacking police officers isn’t going to solve anything, destroying hard working people’s jobs and property isn’t going to fix anything. Protesting can bring on change. Whole countries have had revolutions based on protests. But destroying a drug store because you want to break something isn’t going to bring anything good to the city or the cause of the young man who died.

All of you reading this can think as you wish about whether people are truly angry over the death of Freddie Gray, whether this is motivated by the worsening conditions of the city, or just people using it as an excuse to go out and do damage. I’m not there. I’m not going to say it’s absolutely one reason or another. I’m certainly not going to blame it on any one person’s race.  These people are responsible for there own actions, no matter what their skin color is.

All in all, I guess I’m just asking people not to jump to conclusions as many did in the last few instances of these kind of things. Those of us outside the city aren’t going to be able to do much to change things one way or the other. The death of Mr. Gray will be worked out in some form or another, even if it’s not a satisfactory conclusion. But spreading misinformation isn’t going to help matters any. It may surprise some people, but this will settle, the rioting will stop eventually, and the city can hopefully focus on trying to get things back on their feet instead of trying to keep the streets clear from people tearing apart anything standing in their way.

Real change will come, but it takes change on all sides to make it happen

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