Getting a little sick and tired of watching mass shootings all the time.


So here we are again, another mass shooting, another bunch of funerals, a whole lot of talk, and nothing is going to get done.

Anyone else getting sick of this already?

I’m not going to repeat the man’s name that decided to shoot his fellow students at an Oregon community college, and thankfully a number of other places aren’t either. Let’s make that a trend. HE should be the nameless statistic in things like this, not the victims who were just trying to take a class, many of whom are now dead or severely wounded in hospitals with serious injuries.

Of course even after a number of days since this happened, there is a lot of information out there. And as we should learn with these things, time after time after time, not everything out there is the truth.

But, by the accounts and what we have at the moment, this does appear to be a hate crime targeting Christians. Although I’m always skeptical of these things until an official report comes out, it seems we don’t have a lot to doubt the notion that he sought out people for being Christian before shooting them. If that is indeed the case, that is a clear example of a “hate crime”. The problem in the guy killed himself so in the end there isn’t much in any kind of legal proceedings that will change that.

Another point that has been circulating around is that the Oregon Campus that this was held at was a “Gun free zone” of course as an attempt to take jabs at President Obama. No, it wasn’t. In the 1980’s Oregon passed state law saying that people could bring weapons pretty much anywhere they wanted as long as they had a proper concealed carry permit for that weapon. Whether this shooter or not had anything close to that, We don’t know right yet.

As for anyone one else on campus being armed to be the “good guy with a gun”, I don’t think we have that info yet either, but it didn’t matter since no one else seemed to be returning fire anyway. That whole “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” crap is a crock of shit anyway. As someone posted recently on a Facebook feed, This isn’t the movies and you aren’t John Wayne. This is real fucking life. Indeed.

A lot of attention in the aftermath of this is the international outlooks. President Obama himself brought up England and Australia as examples of what proper gun control can do. He made the point we aren’t like them since we can’t seem to get that kind of thing done. An Australian commentator recently posted a reply saying essentially “Damn right you aren’t like us!”. It got me thinking, England passed gun laws after the massacre at an elementary school, Australia passed their laws after the massacre at a seaside vacation spot. So what makes the U.S.A. so different that we couldn’t pass laws like that after Columbine or Sandy Hook?

The NRA.

Yeah, I’m saying it. Let’s face it we all know that the National Rifle Association is just the government influence to keep the gun companies making literally BILLION dollar profits going in this country, all the while things like Sandy Hook and all these other mass shootings keep happening. We know that there are a lot of politicians that get oodles of money from these guys to make sure gun control laws aren’t passed.

Now I’m sure some gun owner/ “Enthusiast” may be reading this. And you know what? I don’t care. I don’t care if the NRA promotes gun safety, proper teaching, and all of that. When your group stands on the graves of those little children who were shot in Sandy Hook and tell people “This would have been averted if the teachers had guns”, Then I don’t think they have actually people’s lives as their first concern. Hell, in the brain trust of this group, they probably revel in shootings like this. They’ve already got people paid off enough so the gun laws won’t change, but now they’ve got enough fear in people that people will buy MORE guns to “protect themselves” from the evil boogymen hiding in the bushes ready to be “bad guys with a gun”.

News flash, the government isn’t out to get you, they aren’t trying to “take your guns away” and no mass shooting has ever been stopped by a vigilante “good guy with a gun”.

And that jive about how “Guns don’t kill people, people do”? As I said the LAST time I wrote about this, things would have been awfully different if he had a feather duster.


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