This week we’ve seen the classic spy thriller/action/giant creature disaster film ‘Octopus’! (Please hold your applause.) And boy, are we ripe to talk about it. Who is trying too hard, who is sexually harassing whom, and just how did I accidentally nearly join the US Navy? Then, we delve into the depths (see what I did there?) of the newest Doctor Who episode, ‘Under the Lake’!

Theme ‘Lesbian Amazon Bikers from Hell’ composed and performed by Harrie Mreijen for Lesbian Talk.

Doctor Who style bumper created by skzip888.

All other images are original or original works produced for Lesbian Talk and presented with permission of their respective creators.

About Gomer

Host of Thespian Talk, The Port Charlie Podcast, and Constructive Deconstruction, let's player, and boyfriend of an award winning animator!

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