HCB11Do you believe in ghost hunters? EVP? EMF? I was in a ghost hunting mood last week so I took in a few good ghost hunting/psychic shows and a movie.

Haunting of Cell Block 11  was made last year. A group of paranormal investigators with mediocre ratings take a case in a haunted prison that sounds quite promising. Inside is the ghost of a psychotic inmate. It mimics Ghost Adventures with the overacting host and gimmicky quips on camera, but they refuse to add fake effects to their footage. There are only a few jumpscares so you do not expect them, which is awesome. A lot of times, you think something is going to pop up, but nothing does. That is even better since it does not release the tension in the body. It is just a bit better than most horror movies of today. Considering it does not flood the script with jumpscares, I would say that is a win. I liked it but it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

This movie could be rewatched once or twice. Has some good spooky moments but few jumpscares. It is available on Hulu for free. 7/10.

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