open_water_ver3I don’t know what I expected from Open Water but Hulu labeled it as a horror movie. Susan and Daniel are taking a vacation from their hectic life to dive in the Great Barrier Reef. The diving boat miscounted how many people came back up from the water and left them behind. They face sharks, jellyfish, sharks, dehydration, sharks, panic, and sharks. Daniel dies, is eaten by sharks, and then Susan goes under, grabbed by a shark. The story is based on Tom and Eileen Lonergan who disappeared after they were stranded at the reef where they were diving in January of 1998. Wikipedia says the movie is pretty close to what happened.

No one can say what happened after the boat left in the real story but when the boat leaves, there are a few boats in the distance. Even if they were too far to swim to, they could have shouted out. Sound carries well out on the ocean. They also did not have/use a diving whistle, which experienced divers would have. I have been diving three times. The boating group were highly negligent. Any competent boat would check their equipment before the dive and after the dive. No one uses headcount with adults. They should have had a roll-call.

The main gripe I have about the movie is that half of it was soul music and pictures of people and animals on land. There was one shot that was a solid minute of water effects and humming. The other half was bad dialogue and sharks. Watching this movie is not a valuable experience whatsoever.

Waste of time. 3/10. It is available on Hulu with a subscription.

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