A serial killer breaks into a bakery and kills a father and son. Why he was in the bakery in the first place we will never know. He leaves the daughter (Sara) and mother alive. They continue to run the bakery, but mom becomes a crazy alcoholic. A rich guy who is the father of Sara’s rival (Lorna) is opening up a restaurant across the street and offers her $50k to sell her business. The serial killer is caught and goes to the chair. Somehow he is able to have his cremated ashes sent to the bakery in a gingerbread spice delivery. Another employee cuts himself and the blood gets into the gingerbread dough followed by an freak electrical situation, thereby allowing the serial killer to reincarnate into the gingerbread man that the Sara makes.

It was not like I was expecting anything from this movie, especially Gary Busey. Too bad he was wasted on such a bad movie. He does not have to act to come off as an excellent serial killer.

There are so many details about this movie that would have been easy to get right:

  • A gingerbread man is a cookie so it would be stupid to put the dough in a bread machine.
  • Gingerbread cookie and bread dough are a deep brown color because of the molasses in them. It would not be the color of bread dough
  • Sara made one cookie and put it in the oven. As a professional baker, she would make them in bulk.
  • Sara says she will stay to finish up baking before locking up. Professional cooking equipment needs to be properly shut down and cleaned before everyone leaves. She would not be there alone if the ovens are still on. It would be plausible that she is finishing dishes that need to be done by hand though.
  • One of the other female employees ends up trapped in the freezer. They put a blanket over her, hoping she will warm up in time. Too bad they were not in a large kitchen with the ovens still turned on, right?
  • $50k is probably less than the equipment the business uses is worth, especially in 2005. Try $500k.
  • Mom ends up getting her finger cut off. Once everything is over, they help her home. Not to the hospital, why would she need to go there?
  • The gingerbread man locks Sara in the oven, saying “now you’ll know what it feels like to fry”. But… she’s baking…


There is not much to say about this movie as a whole. It is like Child’s Play but nowhere near as good. It was also short at 1:10 but it seemed a lot longer in a good way. One good thing I can say about it is Lorna’s boyfriend Amos (I honestly cannot remember her name) is not just a meathead. He is smart, logical, and kind. I liked him. He and the rat Lorna brought into the bakery were the only characters I hoped would live. Thinking about it, I think only two characters died in the movie anyway, except the father and son in the beginning.

I like twist endings and I knew this movie had a sequel, but I am not a fan of resolved twists. Twist it and end it.

Watch Child’s Play instead.  2/10. This movie is available for free on Hulu.

Next week, the sequel.

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