Return of Kings is an MRA (men’s rights activist) group that promotes rape. They want to make it legal on private property. This misogynistic group wanted to have meetings around the world around the same time but most of them were cancelled due to the pressure around the internet.

Men like that are not kings, they are pestilence. You should be exiled to your own island and never be allowed to leave, not even touch the water. If I were to ever meet someone who was a ROK member, I would consider them a threat and mace them as soon as they were within distance. These people have openly admitted to their lack of acknowledging women are the females of the race, not cum towels. They should be considered as bad as the Klu Klux Klan and prohibited from doing anything that one could make a case as illegal.

If you hate women, stay away from them and deal with your own problems.

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