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I got what I wished for!

Hey, Gang. Hope those that Celebrate Valentine’s day had a good one. I didn’t, but I’m not going to bore you with all that. Here at home base, we got dumped on with a crapload of heavy wet snow last night and now its a downpour. Here’s hoping this shit doesn’t freeze or we could be in real trouble.

But today I got a bit of a good news. FINALLY Bethesda announced 3 DLC’s for Fallout 4. The three packs were announced for March release and feature. You have  Automatron, which seems to be the a new ability to take robot parts and construct your own robot companion that you can customize. Wasteland Workshop, which is an expansion of your workshop as well as the ability to tame creatures and have them fight against other animals.

And then there is Far Harbor.

Far Harbor

Yep, this ol Mainah got his wish of having an expansion mission set in Vacationland!

Now, much like Point Lookout from Fallout 3, this expanded area is just a single island set off the Maine coast. I’ve been wishing for this mission since the game was rolled out an announced. A number of my friends have been thinking about what this kind of mission would be like and we finally get our wish. Fallout 4 did a great job or giving people the Massachusetts experience, so what would they have to do to get a Maine experience in this game with this mission? Here are some ideas.

– The accent. You know the one. There has to be at least one “eyuh” in there somewhere. As I’ve said, every NPC in that mission should talk like Tim Sample. The player needs to be called an “Outta statah” or “from away” to make this work.

– As someone of my facebook mentioned, there has to be at least one old guy with a grey beard sitting somewhere and you ask him for directions and he tells you “You can’t get they-ah from here-ah.” Given how these DLC’s work, it wouldn’t be that hard to put in.

– Mutant lobsters. Seriously, a game level set off the Maine coast Without Lobsters would be a CRIME. Make it a food source, not to mention having boiled lobster recipe in your cooking stations from now on. Along with Whoopie pies. Gotta have those.

– MOXIE. Seriously  Not just as a replacement for Nuka Cola. Make it a chem. It restores full health and gets rid of any injuries, radiation, broken limbs, anything. It cures what Ails ya. Hell, weaponize that shit.

– Nuclear Moose! C’mon the references are already there. How the heck can you NOT do this in a DLC set in Maine WHERE THE MOOSE ARE! You could probably throw in some mutated Loons and Puffins as well.

-A ghoul for a Governor. This is more true to life than you think. I swear the guy running this state is not really all there anymore. Even better if it turns into an assassination mission!

– A store full of crap. You gotta buy supplies from someone, why not give a nod to the Maine tradition of Marden’s selling crap you didn’t need or you didn’t THINK you needed. Throw in some slickers and a pair of guppahs and you got everything you need.

-A lighthouse settlement. This seems natural. You will need a place to stay while you are there, so make it a lighthouse that you can mod the hell out of and do all kinds of things with.

If you are gonna put part of your game in Maine, then you better go all the way with it. Just about all my gamers friends here are loving this idea and want to see it be just as goofy as we all imagine it to be.

“Ain’t that odd.”- Bob Elliot.

Wicked Good stuff.


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